Indoor/Outdoor Pots & Plants

What We Have

Verde has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of interior and exterior plant supply & care, with all-embracing knowledge in horticulture, we conceive ourselves on offering our clients a reliable, professional, quality exported plants along with the maintenance services in a very reasonable & competitive price.

We caters the varying needs & increasing demand of Plants in Qatar from design, installation, and maintenance to refurbishment of plants in vari- ous hotel, hospital, showroom, private villa, bank and offices.

Our unique variety of plants for projects, bringing in exotic & premium collection that are not available in our local market. comes along with imported ceramic, plastic & fiber pots, for indoor & outdoor usage.


Plant Maintenance

Looking for a regular maintenance visit to maintain your plant? Please contact us so we can offer a maintenance plan so your plants remain as visually appealing as the day they were installed.

Whether you decide to hire or purchase plants, we undertake their proper maintenance as part of an agreed contract Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


What We Have

This clast of rock, exported from several countries, comes in different sizes, shapes & colors to complete the finishing of your garden decoration.

It will also leave a visual impression to create a decorative border or landscaped path.

Pebbles help you create a beautiful garden that can perfectly complement any site…

Whether implemented in our garden designs and implementation or your prefer to order a big quantities,

Please let us know your inquiry…

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Bloom, is Verde’s organic fertilizer product, we export it and are it sole distributor in Qatar and it complies with the Qatar ministry of enviroments regulations. Should you need a small or big quantity, kindly let us know…..