Our Services

The following services are professionally provided by Verde, for home gardens, compounds, public parks and also urban soft scape.

Landscape Design

Our dedicated team of designers provide professional and inspirational landscape Designs. (Auto-Cad detailed drawings and 3D pictures) to suit clients conventional Requirements and needs.

Landscape Implementation

Implementing gardens by experienced and trained staff, monitored by foreman that have participated in completed prestigious projects. Verde ensures that all landscaping projects are implemented with the highest quality of standards, taking the wellbeing and beauty of the plants into consideration. Our project managers ensure that garden implementations are completed on a studied time schedule.

Garden Maintenance Programs

Our green maintenance team cater a garden program for small and large gardens, and they include services like shaping, grass treatment, vitamin boosting and training owners to maintain their gardens (watering level, vitamin treatments and propagating methods). All this falls under a schedule designed by the landscape engineers and monitored by the project managers to cover all the services and requirements for your garden, such as foliar fertilization, organic fertilization, chemical fertilization, lawn scarifying, aerating and mowing. Our team also prepares the clients gardens for the heat season, taking prevention methods to protect the green during the hottest months (plant cover, vitamin booster).

Hardscape Design & Implementation

Offering our clients custom made hardscape designs and managing its implementation through our international affiliates in Malaysia and Lebanon. Hardscape include: water fountains, water features, ponds, flooring, pergolas, gazebos, path ways, stamp concrete, barbecues, non-figure sculptures and children playgrounds.

Irrigation Design and implementation

Bringing 10 years of technical experience in gardening & landscaping, our specialist design & implement automatic irrigation systems that ensure gardens maintain their health & get the water they require to stay healthy.

Importing Exotic Plants & Pot’s

Verde imports unique variety of plants for projects, bringing in exotic and premium collection of plants not available in our local market. Verde also imports ceramic, plastic and fiber pots, for indoor and outdoor usage.